Sunday, April 16, 2017

Principles of effective practice in Aikido

As researched and collected by Asi Shnabel:

  1. Our back should always be straight, light and flexible, never bent!
  2. Awareness should be put on firming the legs in the ground and utilizing hips & knees.
  3. Arms always project forward, never stretched backwards, pulled nor flexed (“ORENAITE”).
  4. Always be aware of the “Sword-arms” (“TE-KATANA”)!
  5. Expand your body’s aura, project forward (“KI-BARI”).
  6. Practice should be always relaxed and with a peaceful spirit.
  7. Proper use of breath-power (“KOKYU”).
  8. Work always originates in the center/hips (“HARA”).
  9. Performance should be sharp as a sword, quick as thunder, and economical.
  10. Movement should be fluent and free, never tight or manipulated (“NAGARE”).
  11. Always keep a proper effective distance from one’s partner (“MA-AI”)
  12. Always link one’s body towards the partner’s (“MUSUBI”) for best communication.
  13. Always be fully aware of the environment and all partners. Never lock one’s focus on any object alone.
  14.  Perform all techniques with a true intention, focus and spirit, both as UKE and as NAGE (“MAKOTO”).This is of utmost importance since it stresses that the pure devotion & intention dictates the quality of our performance. Never trust the techniques to win for us but constantly polish ourselves and our spirit through practicing them.

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